Planning a New Collection

I love geometric shapes! I think that is why I was drawn to working with the hardware, all the circle washers are very inspiring. 

​One of the biggest challenges working with hardware is creating unique piece that are basically all the same shape. Figuring out interesting ways to add color, texture, and design arealways on my mind. 

When I want to come up with a new idea/collection I spend time doing a lot of research, going through my books and Pinterest of course. So many amazing things on Pinterest. I then sketch out my ideas and work out the logistics for my new ideas/collection. 

Here are a few ideas I have been working on recently.

I will be listing several new pieces over the next few months. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to get a sneak peek at new items before they are listed, and sign up for my newsletter for special deals and FREE SHIPPING on all your purchases.


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