New Collection Inspiration

When I start the process of designing a new collection I always start by reviewing items that are selling well online and at shows. 

My ultimate goal is to take the hardware and create something that is easy to wear, pretty, and versatile. I love to design pieces that are different and a little unusual, but I know that those pieces are not always best sellers. Everyone really likes the pieces that look like hardware.

That's why my new collection Variations of an Original, launching March 15, is a collection inspired on my best sellers and the pieces that have a lot of hardware.

The hardware is inspiring for me. I love digging through my supplies and uncovering a new treasure. For this collection, I not only have been inspired by my hardware, but also by past designs. 

New Designs

This new collection is going to have designs that are a variation of some of my best selling pieces. I am still in the process of creating these pieces so I don't know how many will be available, but if you are one of those people who loves the look of the hardware then this is a collection for you. 

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Mark your calendar March 15 is the launch date for Variations of an Original.


nice post

nice post

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