Finally the Perfect Show Booth

Doing art shows is an important part of my business. I have been doing them for over 12 years. My booth desing has aalways been a work in progress. My goal is to make it easier for people to shop, and easy for me to pack up.

This past year I made some big changes to my booth design, and they are the best changes I have ever made. I finally have a booth I love!

In my old booth it was challenging to take jewelry down and put it back up when we had a crowd of people at the table, now it is much easier for me and the customers.

old display

As much as I loved my old display it was really challenging.


New Display

My new display includes the new flat boards, pipe display pieces, and it really emphasizes the industrial hardware theme.
















The last addition to my booth for 2015 is a gift my sister create for me. It is the perfect finishing touch and I can't wait to use it going forward.
Show season will start in April, I am looking forward to another successful year.


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