Customer Favorites


I love doing art shows!

Well not the set up and tear down, but everything else. I am always fascinated by the customers response when I tell them it's recycled hardware, and seeing the styles they are drawn too.

I like to have new pieces at every show. It gives me the opportunity to see if what I love is something my customers would love too. 

The show I had in April was no exception. I debut the new metal ribbon collection, which people loved to look at and expressed how cool they were, but interestingly enough they were still drawn to my shop favorites. 

These shop favorites sell at every show. I always run out no matter how many pieces I make. People are drawn to the pieces that are all hardware. No embellishments, just hardware. 

I would love your opinion. Why do you think the all hardware pieces are more popular? What styles are you drawn too?



Very impressive indeed.

Very impressive indeed.

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